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Dr. Liss, OB-GYN and Versalie Advisor

Hair Support Q&A with Dr. Liss, OB-GYN

What can I do to strengthen my hair during menopause?

Eat a balanced diet rich in protein and essential fatty acids to help with hair health. Use specialized shampoos and conditioners to help strengthen hair. You could also give scalp massagers a try. Avoid harsh hair treatments like hair dying and styling with heat to prevent further breakage.

Are there products that can help with menopausal hair thinning?

Products with minoxidil come in different strengths and can help support hair growth. These products are made for hair thinning and can be part of a treatment plan with a healthcare provider.

Does menopause cause hair thinning?

Yes, menopause can cause hair thinning. Decreased estrogen leads to less keratin and increased androgens, which can shrink hair follicles and slow hair growth.

What helps hair loss during menopause?

To help with hair loss during menopause, eat a balanced diet, use strengthening shampoos, try products with topical minoxidil, manage stress, and avoid harsh treatments. Consult your doctor for specific medications.


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