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Sexual Health Q&A with Dr. Liss, OB-GYN

How can I increase sexual drive after menopause?

Decreased sex drive has emotional and physical causes. Vaginal estrogen treatments can boost blood flow and lubrication. Lubricants can make sex more comfortable. Consider talking to a sex therapist or going to couples therapy if emotional or relationship issues affect your sex life.

What are some non-hormonal treatments for vaginal dryness and painful sex during menopause?

Vaginal moisturizers and lubricants can offer temporary relief. Pelvic floor physical therapy improves pelvic strength, flexibility, and blood flow. Regular sexual stimulation maintains blood flow to the genitals, which may ease symptoms.

Are there any tips for how to get a menopausal woman in the mood?

Consider self-pleasure, using lubricants, engaging in open communication with your partner(s), exploring hormone therapy (systemic and local), and providing a supportive emotional environment.

How can I maintain a healthy sex life during menopause?

Communicating with your partner about needs and desires is key. Self-pleasure can be an important tool, both solo and with a partner. Maintaining good health and doing regular cardio are also good for your sex life. Using lubrication and seeking treatment for any vaginal dryness or pain can help maintain a healthy sex life during menopause.

Does menopause affect sexuality?

Sexuality encompasses all aspects of sexual behavior and not all of them are affected by menopause. But menopause can impact sexual health. Hormonal changes and aging may affect libido, vaginal dryness, and confidence about one’s body or self-image, among other important factors that contribute to overall sexual experience.


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