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Before visiting, I assumed menopause was nothing more than hot flashes and your period ending forever. As it turns out, there's a lot more symptoms to keep in mind!

- Niecy Nash, 54

“This website will provide women with the answers needed to lead them to connect the dots, determine exactly what symptoms they may be experiencing, and how to tackle menopause head on!”

- Tevia, 44

I think what they’re doing is wonderful, it’s so needed.

- Alicia, 51

I love what you stand for, the content you're putting out and how you are helping so many women like me!

- Sherry, 61

"I think Versalie is a great platform for people to realize it is ok to be educated on this and to learn, to understand what our bodies are going through, and look for help if you need it."

- Dawn, 53


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