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Energy Q&A with Dr. Liss, OB-GYN

How can I boost my energy during menopause?

Exercise often and practice good sleep habits, like having a consistent sleep routine. Don’t drink too much caffeine or alcohol. Talk to a doctor to see if hormone replacement therapy might help with some menopause symptoms, like feeling tired. Stay hydrated and eat healthy foods.

What health changes can affect energy levels during menopause?

During menopause, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can affect how well-rested you feel. Also, feeling more stressed or anxious can make you feel more tired. Talking to a healthcare provider can be very helpful in managing your energy levels during menopause.

What can I do to give me energy during menopause?

To boost energy during menopause, maintain good sleep habits, eat a balanced diet, stay active, work to reduce stress, and manage caffeine and alcohol intake. Talk to your doctor about Menopause Hormone Therapy (MHT) if hot flashes/night sweats disrupt sleep.


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