The Versalie Journey

By The Versalie Team • Published 9/21/2023

A woman looking out the window and smiling becaue Versalie is helping her figure out and learn more about menopause

How it all started

We began our journey to launch Versalie in 2019. Our team conducted a very large study of women over the age of 40, with 4,578 participants. We were completely taken aback by what we learned. Here are some of our major findings:

  • There are a lot of symptoms. There are over 34 symptoms associated with peri/menopause — NOT just the hot flashes and night sweats that most people think about.
  • It’s tough to tie symptoms to menopause. Often, people don’t associate their symptoms with signs of peri/menopause. As a result, the solutions they often opt for are not those that are proven most effective.
  • Symptoms are common. It’s common to experience an average of 8 symptoms at a time, with a menopause journey that can last 5-10 years.
  • Providers need more training. 87% of OB-GYNs feel not at all or only somewhat prepared to manage women going through menopause, with the majority receiving 3 or fewer lectures on menopause. When it comes to primary care providers, the numbers are even higher with 94% feeling not at all or only somewhat prepared to care for menopause patients.

The research compelled us to act. Menopause impacts millions of people in the US today — it's something that half of the population will go through. Each year, there are approximately 1.3 million people that become menopausal. How is it possible that so little is known about the topic, and that it’s still a space surrounded by such confusion and taboo?

What was even more staggering was that many people going through menopause are finding it hard to get answers or personalized help. They’re craving guidance and fresh perspectives around menopause, because they currently have nowhere to turn.

Our team began talking about our own experiences. We soon realized we all had our own story to share. Whether it was having professionals ignore our symptoms, hearing about the experiences of our friends, aunts, and mothers suffering in silence, or seeing our partners struggle with misinformation through a medical journey, each of us immediately understood the gravity of what we were hearing from the people we interviewed. But even more importantly, we wanted to actually do something about it. 

A woman enjoying nature and being in menopause because Versalie is there to help her through her menopause journey

What’s guiding us

To start, we realized that if we were going to create a solution to change the world, we wanted to include those that would be most affected by that change and make them part of our team. We brought together a group of about 50 women going through perimenopause to be our partners on this journey. They have had such an incredible impact on each decision we’ve made along the process. They’ve helped us think through how we ensure that Versalie will help them, their friends, and the people in their communities.

Even more than that, they are our North Star. Our Ambassadors guide our purpose and our priorities, and their voices are the ones we continue to follow each day. 

We believe in a world where people are seen, heard, and feel valued during the menopausal transition. We know that every person has a story — and we believe that sharing those stories will help others through their own experiences.

As we took a pulse on the menopausal stories that were out there in the world, we quickly recognized that for what seemed like the first time, celebrities and influencers were talking about it! While this is incredible and helps with the de-stigmatization, we felt compelled to share the stories of real people, too.

Real people (like our Ambassadors) are impacted by menopause every day and they each have their own story.

  • Navigating this experience while also seeing their tween or teenage daughter enter into puberty.
  • Realizing that they never had these conversations with their own mom and feeling compelled to start that dialogue
  • Noticing that they and their female partner are experiencing menopause in two drastically different ways
  • Trying to juggle taking care of their parents and their children, but finding it hard to find time for themselves
  • Doing their best to push through symptoms that are trying to keep them off their A-game as they march towards that next promotion at work

These are the real stories of menopause. Real people, real life experiences.

Stories have power

When individuals can see themselves in the stories of others it sparks them to want to share their own. When stories capture raw emotion, they can bring out truth in others. And when unfiltered stories are told over and over again, they have the ability to create change. 

We want to start a movement where real, unfiltered stories about menopause can reach the millions of people who might be feeling unsure, or who might be suffering today in silence. Our personal stories and perspectives might not always seem like much, but together we can be loud in our pursuit of a better menopause experience. Together, let’s create a world where people can stop whispering about menopause and instead start talking about how to make the experience easier and better for those going through it. 

Last Updated 2/15/2024



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