women sharing about their menopause experiences and their different phases of menopause

Where menopause makes sense

We created Versalie to help you understand the phases of menopause for what they can be — a chance to care for yourself, starting with getting to know your hormones better.

our approach

Everything you wanted to know about menopause, but didn't know to ask.

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We’re not holding back

For generations, menopause was an isolating experience. It just wasn’t discussed — not by mothers, doctors, or even among friends. We’re here to change that. Let’s talk about hormones. Let’s talk about aging. Let’s talk about how to embrace this totally normal stage of life.

We’re putting you first

Menopause is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and the solutions shouldn't be either. We’re curating content and products to help you discover what can work for you.

Our advisors

We partnered with 12 menopause experts to help us build Versalie.

We're working closely with these experts to be sure Versalie offers the very best in holistic, evidence-based menopause information. Our talented group of specialists include OB-GYNs, nutritionists, psychologists, sex therapists, endocrinologists, and menopause clinicians.


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Our ambassadors

Built with you and for you

We worked with 45 everyday women — from all walks of life and different phases of menopause — to help us build Versalie. Their experience and insights helped us test our ideas, learn, and improve what we were creating. The result is a radically truthful platform that reflects the reality of hormonal change.

a group of 7 Versalie Ambassadors representing 45 everyday women from all walks of life and different phases of menopause

"I love the idea that I'm able to be heard and my ideas and opinions are taken into consideration in order to build the best possible website I can use for my own menopausal struggles."

- Angela, 48

"I feel like my opinion matters and that what I have to say is important. I feel like I am part of a team that is working towards a common goal of helping women."

- Kristy, 50

"I loved it. I really appreciate that this brand is taking the time to hear from real women with honest opinions, and it is helping to build a holistic site to help with menopause. I am very excited to take part!"

- Amy, 48

“I feel empowered to help develop a website for other women who need and want to know more about their bodies, hormones, and menopause. Providing input on every aspect of the website makes me feel my opinion matters.”

- Tevia, 43


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